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"Building kWh? Register / benchmarks - Energy usage (template #7) - Key metric!"

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Primary (E-Com) Contact:Environmental reasons for finite energy conservation - Mountain Top Removal (MTR) for Coal Power Generation
Communications (#/text):Mouse over lower photo (3rd from left) and left click to enlarge. Scale: See the parked trucks in the photo? 1000 year toxic waste from blasting 24 hours a day - NOT very smart!
Secondary Contact:Inefficient MTR: Less than 25% of the original energy required to mine coal and produce power is delivered to end-users - Does not make economic, environmental or long-term sense?
Address / Area: Wise County, VA 99999
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Step 2a: Know your electrical usage in buildings you own - rent - lease - use:  Most building occupants do NOT accurately know energy usage. For residences and small businesses locate the latest invoice where most utility companies include a 12-month chart of kWh / month, high, low and average consumption. Online registration to pay bills saves paper, cost of mail, time, etc. and also usually gives a longer period of time (more accurate) for past usage of 18-36 months. Using either method (online or paper) write down / note the average monthly kWh and $ consumed / building, the period of service (usually monthly or quarterly), the name of the utility company, and date meter last read. 

Step 2b: Click Register in any home page supported by Group networking  Virginia County Enter 1) Name: Nickname, psuedo, first ... Your choice 2) Entity - in this case a BRIEF building description such as residence or small business, 3-story, 10,000 square feet, c1983, HVAC / dual gas systems 3) Phone (optional) 4) Email address (for registration process, can be deleted later, NEVER seen by ANYONE other than the owner and NOT needed for future E-Com) 5) Click Send 6) Click Yes to Simple Code of Conduct or No to exit

Step 2c: Record kWh and $: My E-Profile (Entity) screen data from step 2b is already populated. Change todays date to date meter last read followed by kWh, period, $ and supplier - Click Submit - Registration is now complete. View / Edit / Update as often as you want. Welcome email with random unique password has been sent to you but you can change any data at anytime (recommend you change to something easy to remember).

CONGRATULATIONS - You have completed Step 2!

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IntraGroups Applications: This Entity is an example of Format / Template #4. By viewing any of the E-Profiles Searchable in the previous paragraph you saw Format / Template #7 used to Base Mark energy usage in any building via Register and in Step 1 you viewed Format / Template #5. If your business or organization requires a unique Format / Template request:  New Entity Template with Special Layout Please as the subject line 



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